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  • Two More Public Relations Firms Trip Over the Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Two public relations firms have filed documents with the Department of Justice revealing that they provided public relations and media services in the United States for the government of Ecuador without being registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), as that law requires. These firms are the latest in a long string of law firms, business consultants, and indi ...

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  • Looking Back on Johnny Winter and GSK’s 2001 China Bribery Scandal

    Johnny Winter died yesterday. He was one of the greatest rock and roll guitarists of all-time. As posted in Rolling Stone’s online article “Johnny Winter, Texas Blues Guitar Icon, Dead at 70” by Kory Grow, Winter “was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1944 and rose to prominence in his early 20s after a Rolling Stone cover story on Texas music in December 1968.

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  • Consumer Class Action Settlements: 2010-2013 Settlements Increasing, With a Focus on Privacy

    Consumer class actions — cases where plaintiffs purchased a product or service from a defendant and allege some kind of fraud, product defect, or other information failure — have become ubiquitous. Actions are filed against defendants each week, with dozens of cases settling each year. Over the past few years, many large settlements have been reached across a wide variety of in ...

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions Under the FCPA, Part I

    Today, I begin a three-part series on mergers and acquisitions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Today I will review the pre-acquisition phase, focusing the information and issues you should review, tomorrow in Part II, I will look at how you should use that information in the evaluation process and in Part III, I will consider steps you should take in the post-acquisition phase.

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  • Mergers and Acquisitions Under the FCPA, Part II

    Yesterday I began a three part series on mergers and acquisitions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). In Part I, I reviewed what you should accomplish in the pre-acquisition stage. Today I want to look at what you should do with the information that you obtain in your pre-acquisition compliance due diligence. Jay Martin, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at BakerHughes Inc.

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  • Capital One Agrees to Largest-Ever TCPA Class Action Settlement

    “Hier der vollständige gerichtliche Vergleich” here. Capital One and several other collection agencies have agreed to settle class claims that they “called individuals on their mobile devices without their consent” in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), reports BloombergBNA. The settlement, of more than $75 million, was filed July 14 in U.S.

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  • USA und unerlaubte Werbung per Telefon / sms

    Auch in den USA ist mit Unerlaubter Werbung nicht zu spassen – insbesondere wenn auch noch eine Sammelklage drohen kann. Hooters, the nationwide sports bar and restaurant chain, became the latest high-priofile company to be hit with a class action lawsuit under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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  • Code of Conduct, Compliance Policies and Procedures-Part I

    For the remainder of this week, I will have a four-part episode on your Code of Conduct and anti-corruption compliance policies and procedures. In today’s post I will review the underlying legal and statutory basis for the documents as a foundation of your overall anti-corruption regime. In subsequent posts, I will review how to go about drafting your Code of Conduct and anti- ...

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  • Mid-Year FCPA Report, Part II

    Today, I continue my look at what I think were some of the most significant highlights from the first half of 2014 relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Yesterday, the focus was on corporate and individual enforcement. Today we review a very rare court of appeals decision on whether a state-owned enterprise is covered by the FCPA; yet another surprising result ...

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  • United States: Timing May Be Everything In Breach Of Warranty Claims

    In the wake of the recent recalls and warranty campaigns, suppliers should bear in mind the threshold statute of limitations defense that they may have to any attempts by the OEMs to recover against them for costs for issues that the OEMs may have known about for years, but failed to act upon. An OEM seeking to recover against a supplier for an alleged breach must clear two tim ...

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