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  • What the SEC and DOJ Resource Guide to the FCPA Means for Multi-National Companies

    Für deutsche, international tätige Unternehmen mit einer US-Tochtergesellschaft sind die U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Regeln von Relevanz, zumindest sollte man diesbezüglich sensibilisiert sein. American Bar Association / Business Law TODAY July 2013: After a year of waiting, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued A Res ...

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  • Why are James and Tricia Keene suing the wrong company?

    James and Tricia Keene’s case against EasyLift Cargo Lifts of Galveston is thin, inasmuch as the injury to James’s arm last November seems to have resulted from “operator error.”It may have occurred while the frugal husband was using it as a discount elevator rather than as a cargo lift that the company installed in the Keene beach house at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula.

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  • Prisoner Files $1 Trillion Lawsuit Over Belly Ache

    A convict in an Arizona prison won’t quit his belly aching unless he’s paid $1 trillion – literally. Dale Frank Maisano, 61, an inmate at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson, is suing the company that runs the prison’s commissary for $1 trillion, claiming the food gave him cramps and caused him to lose sleep.

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  • The Intersection of Golf and the Law

    Although it may not be very likely that you will end up talking to a lawyer instead of the 19th hole bartender after a round, it happens more often than you might imagine. And as a public service, here’s one spot where the law intersects golf with some frequency: a par 3 on a busy course. Why? Because that’s where the traffic bottlenecks happen, and those make people impatien ...

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  • Woman sues for slipping on peanuts at Texas Roadhouse

    A woman is seeking more than $1 million after she allegedly fell as a result of peanut shells on the floor of Texas Roadhouse in Harlingen. The civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court states Amelia Tijerina is suing Texas Roadhouse, Inc. She alleges that she slipped and fell around March 19, 2013, according to court documents obtained by Action 4 News.

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  • Lawyer Suing Apple Is Banking On Millions of People Being As Stupid As He Was

    A lawyer who brings a lawsuit predicated on his own stupidity is a rare, beautiful, courageous creature. It’s one thing to represent with a straight face someone who tried to make out with an industrial fan, and another to admit that you personally couldn’t master simple technology. It’s also a bold move for a partner in a law firm to admit that he’s bringing a lawsuit over los ...

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  • Busy carpet pattern caused man’s fall, suit alleges

    Orange County resident Danny Stilley is blaming a “busy carpet pattern” at an area restaurant as the reason why he tripped and fell. Stilley filed suit against Kampus Korner Restaurant on Aug. 14 in Jefferson County District Court. According to the lawsuit, on Feb. 4, 2012, Stilley was a patron at the restaurant, located near the Lamar University campus.

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  • Phila. cop sues Target Corp. for severe eye injuries sustained in attack by shoplifter

    A Philadelphia police officer is suing retailer Target and two John Doe defendants over injuries he allegedly sustained after an altercation with one of the men at the Target store at 7400 Bustleton Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. Attorney Jay L. Edelstein, of Edelstein Law, filed suit earlier this month at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against James Wagner, against ...

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