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  • Most ridiculous Lawsuits: Chesapeake jail workers face lawsuit tied to death

    CHESAPEAKE: The day after 19-year-old Musa Jassey left the Chesapeake jail, he died. Cardiac arrhythmia, according to his death certificate. Mariama Manjang, Jassey’s aunt, filed a $17 million wrongful death lawsuit Monday in Chesapeake Circuit Court. She blames unnamed employees of the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office and Conmed Inc.

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  • Penn State, the Freeh Report and Implications for the FCPA Compliance Practitioner

    The Freeh Report was released last week. It detailed a series of actions and inactions taken by officials at Penn State University (Penn State) which allowed Jerry Sandusky to continue his abuse of young boys from at least 1998 up until the time he was arrested. This incident is the worst scandal involving the American higher education system… that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

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  • FCPA: This is not a compliance failure. It’s an ethical failure

    In the movie “Margin Call” the character played by Jeremy Irons says that there are three ways to lead in business: (1) Be the smartest; (2) Be there first; (3) Cheat. I thought about this trichotomy when reading several articles about the fine of $450 MM agreed to by the British bank Barclays on June 27, 2012 to settle allegations that it tried to manipulate certain benchmarks ...

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  • Cybex Reaches $19.5m Settlement in Product Liability Case

    Last week, premium exercise equipment manufacturer Cybex International agreed to pay $19.5m to a Cheektowaga woman, who was injured by a piece of Cybex equipment when she improperly used a leg machine to stretch her shoulder in October 2004. The settlement was reduced from the $66m originally awarded in the case, considered by many to be a record in Western New York personal injury cases.

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  • FCPA and Bribery Act Hotlines: Staying Out of Hot Water with Other Jurisdictions

    It is finally here. Today is the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London. The first Olympics I can remember watching were the 1964 Games in Tokyo. I was enthralled with watching the world’s greatest athletes compete and the boyhood joy about the Games still exists for me. And, for my money, the best sporting event will be held in world’s greatest city.

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  • FCPA: Amendment to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Another Perspective

    Proposals for and against amending the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the US Federal law against government bribery in international business, have been percolating for the past 18 months. US Chamber of Commerce took a lead role, sponsoring a paper titled “Restoring Balance” in October 2010, advocating the position that substantial amendments to the FCPA are required to promote ...

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  • HSH Nordbank AG v. UBS AG

    On March 27, 2012, Germany’s HSH Nordbank AG (“HSH”) was left with no hope to recover from a $500 million loss when a New York Appellate Court dismissed its last standing claim against UBS. The loss stemmed from a credit default swap transaction, in which, HSH, in exchange for a stream of premium payments, assumed the risk of the first half billion dollars on a $3 billion portf ...

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  • Warning! Delicious, Spreadable Chocolate Is Not Health Food!

    Parents, be forewarned: there’s a terrible danger out there. Delicious, sweet, spreadable chocolate is available for purchase in your supermarkets, but it’s NOT healthy for your kids! Who would have thought?!? But ignorance is bliss — very bliss — and in the case of Uninformed Moms vs. Nutella, it was worth $3.5 million in a class action lawsuit settlement. This latest example of the U.S.

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