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  • US Legal Headlines

    Dechert Seeks Dismissal of Government’s Against Deutsche Bank; July 13, 2011; Deutsche Bank is raising what we’ll the “Countrywide Defense” in its first formal counterattack to the $1 billion False Claims Act suit file ...

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  • US Legal News

    Exxon Seeks to Overturn $1.5 Billion Verdict (sub. req.) Wall Street Journal | July 2, 2011 Exxon Mobil Corp. said it hopes to overturn on appeal a verdict that included $1.5 billion in damages ...

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  • US Legal Headline on “patented”

    False Marking Law Splits Eastern District Judges Legal Intelligencer | July 25, 2011 In a ruling that creates a split among the Eastern District of Pennsylvania federal judges, U.S. District Judge Michael M. Baylson has rejected a challenge to the constitutionality of the qui tam provision of the Patent Act’s false marking statute – a law that allows any ci ...

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  • US Legal Headline

    Mortgage Win for Goldman (sub. req.) Wall Street Journal | July 22, 2011; Goldman Sachs Group Inc. scored a victory in one of the highest-profile lawsuits that accuses it of duping investors on mortgage securities that were sold during the buildup to the fina ...

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    NIETZER & HÄUSLER Baden-Württemberg (outside Stuttgart) Comment: This respected firm bases its specialty in US law on an increasingly broad foundation. N&H complemented its existing cooperations in the US for employment and product liability with a further cooperation with an accounting/tax advisory firm.

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  • US-Antidiskriminierungsregeln

    US-Antidiskriminierungsgrundsätze -Obacht geben! Da es jederzeit kündbare Arbeitsverträge gibt (termination at will) ist oftmals die (unhaltbare) Anschuldigung seitesn des gekündigten Mitarbeiters, man sei diskriminiert worden, die einzige Möglichkeit, beim Arbeitgeber Geld herauszuschlagen. ...

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  • US Legal Headline on “RICO”

    Judge Throws Out RICO Claims Against J&J; Legal Intelligencer | July 22, 2011; In a huge victory for pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, a federal judge has dismissed all claims in a massive consume ...

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  • US Legal News

    Tough economy raises outlook for tort reform Business Insurance | July 4, 2011 Promoting tort reform as a means to foster economic growth may be a winning strategy to win passage o ...

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  • US Legal Headlines

    Analysis: Wal-Mart Ruling No Knock-Out Blow for Class Actions New York Times | July 12, 2011 The end of the road for a clas ...

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  • USA – Gerichtsstand für die Welt

    Exxon Hit by Reversal in Human-Rights Case (sub. req.) Wall Street Journal | July 9, 2011 A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated a lawsuit by Indonesian villagers that seeks to hold Exxon Mob ...

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  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act + UK Bribery Act

    Zunehmend im Fokus auch der deutschen mittelständischen Industrie, daher auch in diesem Blog ein Artikel betreff dem UK Bribery Act, zum FCPA finden sich bereits diverse Artikel im Blog. The UK Bribery Act, as hopefully everyone is aware by now, became effective last Friday, July 1. Most compliance practitioners are keenly aware of its application to UK based companies or subs ...

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  • US Legal Headlines

    First class-action in bank overdraft fee case . Thomson Reuters | July 2011; A federal judge overseeing nationwide bank overdraft fee ...

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  • US Legal Headlines

    M&A Lawsuits Skyrocket as Fee-Hungry Law Firms Smell Easy Money Fox Business | July 12, 2011 Class-action lawsuits allegin ...

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  • US Legal News

    The story of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010-11 term can be gleaned from the decisions on its last day: high hurdles for injured persons seeking to ho ...

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  • US Legal Headline on “abusive lawyers”

    Documentary film goes after abusive lawyers; Oregon Business Report | July 24, 2011 The U.S. Chamber is applauding a film that documents how the greatest system of justice in the world is being compromised by greed and corruption. InJustice reveals the history behind America’s “lawsuit industry” and how it had transformed the practice of law f ...

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  • US Legal Headline

    News Corp’s UK Probleme wirken sich bis in die USA aus! Report: DOJ preparing News Corp. subpoenas Politico | July 22, 2011; The development indicates that News Corp ...

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  • Red Flag US-Produkthaftung

    Nachgelagerte Produktbeobachtungspflicht des Herstellers (beispielhaft New York) Deutsche Unternehmen, die entweder direkt oder über ihre US-Tochtergesellschaft den US-Markt beliefern, müssen sich mit der nachfolgend zusammengefassten Thematik aus dem US-Produkthaftungsrecht auseinandersetzen, da Nichtkenntnis oder Verstöße hiergegen bei Unfällen, bei denen Menschen verletzt werden, zu kostspie.

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  • US Legal Headline

    Amüsant, und ein Kern Wahrheit, zumindest was die starke Lobby der US Prozessanwälte betrifft: The Senate’s Lawsuit Factory; Wall Street Journal | July 22, 2011; Somewhere, in some secret drawer at Tort Bar Headquarters, is an instruction manual labeled “How To Wring Legal Jackpots Out ...

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  • US Legal Headlines

    Hood sues for Feinberg’s records Biloxi Sun Herald | July 12, 2011 Attorney General Jim Hood called a news conference Tuesday to say he has filed a lawsuit against BP claims a ...

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