Transblawg - Artikel vom Dezember 2012

  • Some reading/Etwas zum Lesen

    Hamish Hamilton's Five Dials no. 26 has just come out. It is an elegant PDF and this edition is full of translations of German literature, although the main thing that has caught my eye so far is an article about secret ways to walk through London. 64 pages of good stuff. They apparently expect us to print it out. For walks from Gatwick, see kalebeul.

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  • Katharina das Große

    On my walk yesterday I saw Katharina das Große in the window of a health care shop: Amazon reviews are very harsh on this mobile phone. The main objection seems to be that it isn't mobile - it won't fit in a jacket po ...

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  • Advent - photos/Fotos

    Glassblower at Fürth Altstadtweihnachtsmarkt: Traditionally, the golden arches change to green during advent: Some of the locals having a sing-song outside Drogerie Müller: A Fortuna Düsseldorf fan risking he ...

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  • Leading decision/Grundsatzentscheidung

    It's been widely reported today that Haribo (which markets a sweet called Goldbär - gold bear) won in a case against Lindt Sprüngli, which has been introducing a gold-foil-wrapped bear for Christmas. The court in Cologne held that people would refer to the Lindt product as 'gold bear', thus diluting the mark into which Haribo has pumped huge amounts of money in advertising.

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  • Court interpreters as spies/Gerichtsdolmetscher als Spione

    1. Werner Siebers, the criminal defence lawyer, reports in his blog that the public prosecutor's department in Kassel wants to prescribe what court interpreter he uses on a first visit to a potential client in prison. He is concerned that the public prosecutors may be using an interpreter to report back to them on conversations between defendant and defence counsel.

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  • Blasentee

    I tried some Husten- und Bronchialtee recently when I had a cold, but it didn't seem to help, perhaps because I didn't believe in it enough. Tee (tea) has a wide mea ...

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  • Lost luggage/Verlorenes Gepäck

    I've just been to London for a week, flying Lufthansa from Nuremberg with a change in Frankfurt. In both directions, my suitcase (checked-in baggage) did not make it. On the first journey, I was told the stopover in Frankfurt had been too short. The suitcase was delivered the next afternoon, about 24 hours after arrival. On the return journey, the suitcase was totally mislaid.

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