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  • Badly translated EU documents 2/Schlecht übersetzte EU-Dokumente 2

    A note about outsourcing - see also the comments to the last entry. Here, under Closed calls for tender, the DG-T gives information of some past tenders. I'm looking at the PDF file for Translation — Legal and judicial documents of the EU for 2008 translations into English. They look like agencies on the whole, although Viesel Legal Translations in Trier are three members of the ...

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  • Football 2012/Fußball 2012

    Not an exhaustive selection. Apotheke: Bode Galerie & Edition (zehn Freund müsst Ihr sein?): Cherry yogurt: Green-and-whi ...

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  • EU translations 3/EU-Übersetzungen 3

    I see that Richard Schneider at calls the Saarbrücker Zeitung report a Falschmeldung - an incorrect report. He also enjoys himself making a dig at 'blogs', presumably mine. Falschmeldungen haben ein langes Leben Der Journalist hat mit seiner Falschmeldung sowohl den Sprachendiensten der EU als auch der gesamten Übersetzungsbranche geschadet.

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  • Jubilee

    British royal family expert on German TV (ZDF news): 'Not everyone appreciates how genuinely funny the Queen can be'. ZDF interpreter: 'Die Königin kann sehr lustig sein - das kommt nicht bei allen gut an'. I have the same problem. It seems less than 60 years since we celebrated the Coronation at my junior school. That's probably because it is only 59 years. The Local reports: ...

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  • "Impressum" in UK

    The topic of the German Impressum has come up here frequently. And elsewhere. Some claim that it's a German phenomenon, but it's actually an EU thing. However, it's implemented differently in different countries. At the it-recht Blog, Max-Lion Keller has a post in German on the situation in the UK at Impressumpflicht in Großbritannien.

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  • Zugzwang

    I see that the MacMillan Open Dictionary thinks Zugzwang has entered the (non-chess) English language: The Spanish debt-drama shows that Europe is in Zugzwang – a situation in chess when there is no useful move – every possible move will make the situation worse. (Submitted from United Kingdom) What do people think? I find this claim highly dubious.

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  • German equators/Deutsche Äquatoren

    I've discussed things like the Weißwurst Equator before - see earlier entry, with diagrams. Now Strange Maps has a new post on Germany's Equators. Scroll down for a map showing the Aldi equator, Weißbier/Weizenbier equator, Schaf ...

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  • Books and bookshop/Bücher und Buchhandlung

    1. Fabio Said recommends Five Great Books on German Legal Terminology. I particularly recommend the first two: Ulrich Daum's Gerichts- und Behördenterminologie, and Corinna Schlüter-Ellner's Juristendeutsch verständlich gemacht/Treffende Verben in der deutschen Rechtssprache. The former is a book I discovered when I was doing the Bavarian state translators' exam in Munich - ther ...

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  • Ancillary copyright/Leistungsschutzrecht

    Urheberrecht (the right of an author, which under German law cannot be assigned): copyright Leistungsschutzrecht (the right protecting commercial activity in connection with copyright, for example publishing): ancillary copyright Leistungsschutzrecht, literally 'right protecting performance', is not easy to translate into English.

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  • Controlling/DE>EN Übersetzung

    A colleague's query: Einkaufscontrolling/Personalcontrolling Controlling is a German word. One suggestion for the English equivalent was purchase controlling/personnel controlling. But that isn't English either! This isn't my speciality, but for Controlling I have recorded management accounting. That doesn't work for the other two, though, which are departments of German companies.

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  • Austrian: Es war wie im Spruch zu entscheiden

    From an Austrian judgment: Es war wie im Spruch zu entscheiden. My translation: The case was decided as in the operative part of this judgment. Judgments are divided into named sections, for instance in Germany Tenor means the operative part - Spruch is the Austrian equivalent. These words are printed in the judgment, but they are used in referring to it, and Austrian judgments ...

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  • Accessible access/Barrierefrei

    From a recent visit to London - this was outside Bromley-by-Bow tube station at the beginning of a walk near the Olympic Park: Here's some mor ...

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  • Decision on circumcision/Urteil zu Beschneidung

    As has been widely reported in Germany and abroad, in May Cologne Regional Court (Landgericht - a court sitting with one professional judge and two lay judges) decided that circumcising a child unable to give consent, for religious reasons, with no medical indication, constitutes bodily harm and is therefore a criminal offence.

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