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  • Becoming a translator with educated proficiency/Geld verdienen als Übersetzer

    I am gearing up to start blogging properly again, but meanwhile some reading from a website on running a small business from home. Someone tweeted it this morning, I hope as a joke but perhaps not. The site gives advice on how you can earn money as a 'verbal translator' (this seems to mean an interpreter) or a 'text-based translator' (apparently a translator).

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  • Winter bird count/Die Stunde der Wintervögel

    Stunde der Wintervögel. Birds spotted by me in the Stadtpark (lower level) on Sunday from 13.10 to 14.10 (largest number at one time) in a break from the rain, river running high, no sun: Blackbird Amsel 7 Fieldfare Wacholderdrossel 1 Magpie Elster 3 Blackheaded gull Lachmöwe 4 Mallard Stockente 7 Coot Bläßhuhn 2 Moorhen Teichhuhn 2 Greylag geese Graugans 39 Great tit Kohlmeise ...

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  • Disparaging the German Federal President/Verunglimpfung des Bundespräsidenten

    There's a kind of defamation you can commit in Germany called Verunglimpfung des Bundespräsidenten. The old StGB translation called it Disparagement of the Federal President, the new one (by Bohlander) calls it Defamation of the Federal President. It's like defamation in that, in Germany, it's a criminal offence that can only be prosecuted on the application of the person who cl ...

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  • Interpreter's oath/Dolmetschereid

    Here's a curious question from an ITI member. This is the interpreter's oath, which is taken by all interpreters in courts in England: I swear by Almighty God that I will well and faithfully interpret and make true explanation of all such matters and things as shall be required of me according to the best of my skill and understanding.

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  • Schweitzer International Bookstore

    Have I recommended the Schweitzer legal bookshop in Munich before? I've only been once and they had an eclectic selection of law books in English in the basement. Don't know if that's still the case. More interesting was a list of books, for example German law in English, which I got hold of years ago. What I didn't realize is that its successor and various materials are now available online.

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  • Grant and Cutler dictionaries/Rechtswörterbücher

    I recently received an indirect query from someone studying legal translation in the UK who wants to buy a German-English law dictionary. There was a list of the dictionaries currently available at Foyles, into which Grant & Cutler has now been integrated (I remember Grant & Cutler near Embankment Station, before it moved closer to Oxford Street and now to Foyles).

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  • Indirect speech in judgments/Indirekte Rede in Urteilen DE>EN

    There was a query on Proz this week on a topic I remember once discussing on u-forum: when you translate a judgment from German to English, how do you indicate that part of it is in reported speech? I basically agreed with the solution in this case, although it wasn't quite what I would do (using words like 'allegedly' was one of the points, and I find that a bit negative).

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