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  • Statutory interpretation quiz/Quiz zur Gesetzesauslegung

    Here’s a bizarre item on Quizilla. I’m afraid I can’t remember where I found it. I particularly liked the pepperoni pizza question: You are the Rule of Lenity! You interpret ambiguities in penal statutes in favor of the accused. You’re a laid-back kind of rule and concerned with not being too quick to judge. You’re soft on crime.

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  • Word of the moment 1/WOM 1 grober Vorsatz

    I have encountered grober Vorsatz / grob vorsätzlich now for the second time. It’s definitely used, although I’m not sure it’s kosher. In my context it means Absicht. Vorsatz intent(ion) Arten des Vorsatzes degrees of intention Absicht (dolus directus ersten Grades) concrete / specific ...

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  • Bavarian cats / Bayerische Katzen

    More cat content can’t harm: here you can apply for three of the numerous Bavarian cats that have been delivered to animal refuges in advance of the expected wave of avian flu. Otherwise just phone the refuges. We ar ...

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  • Criminal law translation questions/Fragen zur Übersetzung von Strafrechtsbegriffen

    I reopened the comments on the February 12th entry, Questions on translating criminal law. That entry just collected some questions that had come up in a criminal law translation seminar in Frankfurt. Now I have received a further comment and posted it as anonymous (it came from a criminal court in Germany). But maybe the discussion should continue here.

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  • Translation problem/Ludwig der Bärtige

    No, I’m not wondering how to translate Ludwig der Bärtige - I’ve encountered him often enough before. Or so I thought. But I was surprised to discover there were two Ludwigs d ...

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  • Solo clashes with Word/Anwalt erzeugt schwammiges

    Law com reports on a solo practitioner (BE: sole practitioner) attorney whose spellchecker replaced sua sponte with sea sponge. Spell-checking on his computer is never going to be the same for Santa Cruz solo practitioner Arthur Dudley. In an opening brief to San Francisco’s 1st District Court of Appeal, a search-and-replace command by Dudley inexplicably inserted the words “ ...

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  • WOM 2: Word of the moment 2/Legalitätsprinzip - Opportunitätsprinzip

    Here’s Creifelds for a definition (the relevant sections of the StPO are given in English in the comment on February 12): Die Strafverfolgungsbehörden (StA, Polizei, Finanzamt usw.) haben nach §§ 152 II, 160, 163 StPO, § 386 AO bei Verdacht einer Straftat von Amts wegen, also auch ohne Anzeige, einzuschreiten.

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  • Arabic>English translator

    An article in Egypt Today on Denys Johnson-Davies,who is translating the Koran: Johnson-Davies returned to London, where he stayed from 1954 to 1969, but could not find a job working in Arabic. Instead, he became a barrister, practicing specialized equity law. “It is ...

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  • iPod

    Do I need an MP3 player? The Pope has joined the Queen, George Bush and millions of others by getting himself an iPod. Pope Benedict XVI was given a white, 2GB iPod nano by a group of Vatican Radio employees on Friday at an event to celebrate the station’s 75th anniversary. They had pre-loaded it with som ...

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  • Misinterpreting / Fehlerhaftes Dolmetschen

    Just a note that both Language Log and languagehat have entries about poor court interpreting and its effects for the defendant. Bill Poser in Language Log talks about people who can speak two languages but don’t know anything about interpreting, and the fact that they may abridge. Interpreters may be highly qualified, or they may be the bailiff’s sister who took a little Spa ...

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  • Klinsmann a translator?

    Tina Vallès (Catalan) reports that the word translator was used as an insult for Mourinho of Chelsea - see this article (Portuguese) - he used to help Robson at Barcelona press conferences: ...

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  • CIoL website

    The mysteriously uplifted Chartered Institute of Linguists (see earlier entries) has revamped its website but not its domain name (at something else can be found). The menu items are all prec ...

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  • DE>EN literary translation competition/Übersetzungswettbewerb

    Only for UK residents, the London Goethe Institut has a competition - deadline April 10 - to translate part of Ronald Reng’s Gebrauchsanweisung für London (2004), which describes the author’s experience playing football for the FC Churchill in England, including a ...

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  • Strange Laws / Merkwürdige Gesetze

    It’s Spiegel again, getting its knickers into a twist about ‘strange British laws’, a book by Nigel Cawthorne that’s actually been around for a while. Cawthorne ist Großbritanniens Experte, wenn es um die merkwürdigsten Gesetze des Landes geht. Im November vergangenen Jahres veröffentlichte er sein 266 Seiten starkes Werk “The Strange Laws of Old England”, in dem er auf süffi ...

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  • German blog reading in Fürth/Blog-Lesung in Fürth

    Die Blog-Lesung ist im Kommen. Kaum sind zwei Lesungen in München angekündigt, bevor eine 1. Fränkische Blog-Lesung in Fürth angekündigt wird. Nicht nur vor Nürnberg, nein, es ist die Fürther Südstadt, wo diese (allerdings nur teilweise echte frän ...

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  • Getting rid of the interpreter / Dolmetscherbedrohung in Südafrika

    The Herald Online reports: TWO Nigerian men, one of them a convicted drug dealer, are facing bribery charges after they offered Port Elizabeth’s only Igbo court interpreter R100 000 to resign from his job. I suppose the tactics would be better if Igbo were a dying language. Via Erik Dams, once again.

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  • Interpreting errors continued/u.a. Dolmetschen

    Continuing the topic of incorrect interpreting (see earlier entry), Roger Shuy takes up the topic at Language Log. A few years ago I encountered this problem in a case in which English transcripts of Spanish speakers in undercover tape recordings were used as evidence. The prosecution provided only an English translation of the tapes.

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  • German Joys weblog comes to life

    I have already mentioned Andrew Hammel’s German Joys weblog. Andrew Hammel teaches legal English at Düsseldorf University. I see I said his weblog had awakened last Octobe ...

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  • Naturalization quiz/Einbürgerungsquiz

    Spiegel Online presents (in German, and with a good photo of Roland Koch) the questions you have to answer in Hessen if you want to become a German citizen. They are quite difficult. I would find it hard to be precise on some, e.g. who assembled in the Paulskirche. I wondered what ‘drei deutsche Mittelgebirge’ were, but then I realized I have never understood what Mittelgebirg ...

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  • Real-time translation/Echtzeitübersetzung

    The terms real-time translation and live translation have both come up in the past few days. About Translation links to TranslationBooth, which offers rapid low-cost translations online. Riccardo’s source was PRWeb: bq. Online translation company,, has released the first Quick Translation service available on the web.

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  • Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

    I think this may be a mixture between Chaucer and Molesworth. Sir - Ich wishe for adyce in the matter of fashion and armes. Ys it verrily a mistake to wear a lilyflour in my helm? (Ich have a shylde of golde.) Thopas Mon Sire Thopas, By seinte Jerome, finallye som ...

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  • Sie sind Deutschland (Einbürgerung die Zweite)

    The Süddeutsche Zeitung has taken 20 of the Hessen questions and made them multiple-choice. Of course, some were familiar now, but I still found them tricky. 20 Punkte Glückwunsch! Sie sind auf jeden Fall Deutschland! Bei soviel Kenntnissen von Lan ...

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  • Kangaroo spotted in Austria

    Bumper stickers and T-shirts say ‘No kangaroos in Austria’, but here you can see a lone kangaroo considering whether to cross a ...

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  • Pedrolo Catalan novel update 2

    Peter Griffin’s edition of Tocats pel foc (Catalan original by Pedrolo with English translation by Griffin) has been taken ...

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  • Timber framing/Fachwerk

    It’s very frustrating when you’re translating a long text and you realize it has hundreds of references to timber framing and you don’t know enough to handle it flue ...

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  • Open source translation/US-Regierung lässt öffentlich übersetzen

    According to the Boston Globe of March 18, the US government is putting Iraqi documents on the Web so the public can have a go at translating them. It’s the same ”open source” principle that drove the successful development of the Internet and of powerful free software like the Linux operating system.

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  • Monument/Gedenkstein

    (Click picture to enlarge) It was sunny yesterday - hard to imagine that now. Here is a self-portrait in the Stadtpark in early spring. ...

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  • Lamspringe: an English abbey in Germany

    Lamspringe: an English Abbey in Germany 1643-1803. Edited by A. Cramer OSB, Saint Laurence Papers VII, Ampleforth 2004. £24, direct from the Archivist, Ampleforth Abbey, York YO62 4EN: post free for sterling cheque with order. If you prefer to pay in Euros or US Dollars, please contact us by email. I am not sure if this book is valuable to translators.

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  • Austria forges ahead/Neues österreichisches Verkehrsschild

    Neues österreichisches Verkehrszeichen This is an additional sign Austria is attaching to 3,500 level crossings that have no protection other than a cross sign (Andreaskreuz - saltire), a stop sign and the whistle of the train. It tells them to listen out fo ...

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  • The Times Law Weblog

    The Times has a law weblog. It looks as if it started on March 6. Writers are Edward Fennell, Gary Slapper, Mark Stephens and Alex Wade. Not many comments yet, but I haven’t checked if you have to register. The most recent entry, by Gary Slapper, give ...

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  • Süddeutsche Zeitung in einem englischen Gerichtssaal

    Die Süddeutsche Zeitung (Wolfgang Koydl) hat Spaß im englischen Gericht. Dürfen ausländische Reporter übrhaupt englische Barrister als Beckmesser beschreiben? Brown gegenüber stehen, gleichsam auf der europäischen Seite dieses Prozesses, kleinlich-penible Beckmesser, deren Äußeres freilich eher in einen Roman passen würden.

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  • House of Lords on jilbab/Revision zur muslimischen Kleidung in englischer Schule

    Times online: Law lords overturn school uniform ‘jilbab’ ruling Unter den Umständen eine beruhigende Entscheidung. Die Schule hatte alles Mögliche gemacht, eine Kleiderpolitik einzuführen, die für alle Religionen annehmbar war. Text of the decision (English) From the summary of facts: In 1993 the school appointed a working party to re-examine its dress code.

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  • Language jokes in The Simpsons

    Heidi at HeiDeas collects linguistically relevant Simpsons jokes: Origins of English Homer: English? Who needs that? I’m never going to England. Lisa tries to learn Italian. Milhouse, who has been covertly bilingual all this time, is her instructor. Luigi comes up to Lisa and Mil ...

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  • British idiots / Alle Seiten blamieren sich

    This week, Focus Online had an article headed Briten Blamieren Sich. It referred to an article in The Times about the Hesse would-be-citizen questions. The Times article is available online only in part - it had a graphics page which is the main cause for concern, shown in the Focus article. Focus: Die britische „Times“ versucht sich am hessischen Einbürgerungstest und macht peinliche Fehler.

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  • Laser Monks/Tugendhafte Tintenpatronen

    Laser Monks finden Tintenpatronen sündhaft teuer All I wanted was a little bit of black dust for one of our monastery printers. In my search for a toner cartridge, I was suddenly struck with how incredibly expensive this black dust and a few squirts of ink were. “There must be a better way,” I said to myself.And so began my foray into the world of imaging supplies.

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  • Sinwellturm

    This is me after coming down the Sinwell Tower at Nuremberg Castle the second and, I ...

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  • Adopt a German word/Werden Sie Wortpate!

    At you can adopt a German word that is threatened by extinction: Werden Sie Wortpate! Beschützen Sie ein deutsches Wort und übernehmen Sie dafür die Verantwortung: Entwickeln Sie das Wort weiter, pflegen Sie es, hüten Sie es vor Mißbrauch oder Verdrängung! Schreiben Sie Gedichte mit Ihrem Wort, tauschen Sie sich aus mit anderen Wortpaten und schaffen Sie Wö ...

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  • German bureaucracy / Deutsche Bürokratie

    Following the last entry, I must state that there is a lot of bureaucracy in Germany, and in a few other places too. Spiegel Online, in another article in its inimitable English, helps us to get to the bottom of this: The average age of students in their very first semester is already ...

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