• Legendary German bakers

    It seems that the adjective legendary is applied to German bakers and pastry chefs. Actually, legendary pastry chef is a thing. Although even legendary translator gets a few ghits. Konditor and Cook (thanks, Trevor!) have been around for a while and have a book. Here is a brain meringue which I didn’t try: The best-looking thing in the window was a home-made Victoria sponge.

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  • Journal of Civil Law Studies

    Journal of Civil Law Studies The Journal of Civil Law Studies is a peer-reviewed, online and open-access periodical, published by the Center of Civil Law Studies. LSU Law students participate in the editorial process once papers have been accepted for publication. First published in 2008, it promotes a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the civil law in Louisiana and in the world.

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  • Christiane Hearne: Wörterbuch der Druckluft- und Filtertechnik DE-EN, EN-DE

    I knew Christiane Hearne as a contributor to the foreign languages forum on CompuServe, FLEFO, and to the small list run by loyal dregs after FLEFO’s demise. I even visited her This dictionary is a posthumous one, published by her daughter, I gather from the Kater Verlag newsletter. At Kater Verlag on the page for Wörterbuch der Druckluft- und Filtertechnik you can click on ...

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  • A few internet links

    While I’m busy, here are some links to other sites: 1. A short video on translating poetry from German to English - tiere zu fragen by Odile Kennel, translated by Anna Crowe, who usually translates from Spanish and Catalan, helped by Katy Derbyshire. 2. John Flood on What is a lawyer? with the help of Dilbert cartoons and linking to Jonathan Goldsmith.

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  • Books on legal writing in English

    There are many useful books for lawyers on how to write better legal English. How useful they are for translators is another matter. By all means, if you have time, work through some of the suggestions on legal writing (an internet search for ‘drafting’ is also a good idea). Consider whether you mind whether the book is for British or U.S. or another form of legal English.

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  • Ian McEwan: The Children Act

    Charles Dickens: Bleak House CHAPTER I In Chancery London. Michaelmas term lately over, and the Lord Chancellor sitting in Lincoln’s Inn Hall. Implacable November weather. As much mud in the streets as if the waters had but newly retired from the face of the earth, and it would not be wonderful to meet a Megalosaurus, forty feet long or so, waddling like an elephantine li ...

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  • New Journal: Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito

    I’m posting this introduction by Malcolm Coulthard and Rui Sousa-Silva to a new journal. I haven’t read much of the first online edition myself yet. We are delighted to announce the first issue of a new international bilingual bi-annual journal – Language and Law – Linguagem e Direito. The journal is electronic and available for everyone to download at http://ler.letras.up.pt/site/default.

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  • Virtual synonyms: breach, violation or non-performance

    ‘Breach, violation or non-performance’ is just an example of the kind of problem encountered by translators working out of English. I have met native speakers of German who prefer to work into English largely to avoid this problem of contract translation. What do the doublets or triplets mean? Probably the lawyer who drafted the contract wasn’t sure but used an established phrase.

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  • Schichttorte – Baumkuchen – Baumstriezel

    I was mystified by the German Schichttorte in the Great British Bakeoff programme, but then I realized they meant Baumkuchen. I think the word Schichttorte is a misnomer. Any cake with layers is a Schichttorte, and it will usually have buttercream between the layers, like an opera cake. Whereas the cake they showed consisted simply of twenty layers of sponge cake, each grill ...

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  • Norma goes British

    Norma, one of the less interesting competitors of Aldi and Lidl, is offering British food from Monday October 6. That food consists of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers and Chivers jams and marmalade. A bit thin. It won’t satisfy the commenters ...

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  • Lord Chancellor’s Breakfast 2014

    Full title reads: "London. The Majesty of Law. The Lord Chancellor heads annual procession of judges before reopening of the Law Courts." London. Pan down exterior of building. Shots of Lord Sankey, the Lord Chancellor at the head of a procession of judges walking to Law Courts. They a ...

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  • Barbershop barrister quartet

    Ben thanks his mother for encouraging him to study at the Open University. He calls in a Barrister barbershop quartet to do the honours. Ben, like most other Open University students, had someone to support him through his studies. His tutors, fellow students and family all encouraged him along his learning journey. But instead of simply saying ‘thank you’ to Je ...

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