• Prep for the GDPR 101 – In-house crash course in one lesson

    Finally, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, “GDPR”) is coming. Following a long lasting process of negotiations, two months ago the European legislator proposed the new privacy framework for Europe – and anyone doing business in Europe. So, how much time is left for your business to comply with the new rules? Maybe less than you think: T ...

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  • Data breach: What to do if it has happened?

    Data breach: What to do if it has happened? There have been major data breaches in the last few years, concerning hundred of million individuals whose personal information have been disclosed to criminals. You may think of Home Depot or Sony, but the probably most popular data breach happened to governmental systems, and the information involved have led to a transatlantic earthquake.

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  • Data breach: How to prepare

    Data breach: How to prepare While personal information and likely sensitive data have become a common asset of nearly any business, data security is not that hot topic on the IT roadmap. Even global players in e-commerce have failed in the past to secure their data against 3rd party access. Several jurisdictions have specific regulations dealing with prevention of and proce ...

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  • Guidelines of the German DPAs: Use of internet and email at the workplace

    Guidelines of the German DPAs: Use of internet and email at the workplace One of the most disputed matters in German employee privacy law is related to the use of internet and email services by employees. In particular was unclear if surveillance of employees in this respect would potentially lead to a personal criminal liability of the person who conducted the surveillance activities.

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  • Update Wehrrecht

    Zwei – im weitesten Sinne – wehrrechtliche Updates stehen für diese Woche an. Zum einen ist der Bericht des Wehrbeauftragten 20 ...

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  • Gun safety

    Die besten Fälle schreibt das wahre Leben. Und je nachdem, wo einen das Leben hingeführt hat, kann man da ...

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  • Einfach sein

    Um es mit den Fantastischen Vier zu sagen: “es könnte alles so einfach sein, ist es aber nicht”. Der BGH hat sic ...

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  • Handmade Trojaner

    “Unsere Software wird immer genau auf die richterliche Anordnung hin programmiert. Das wird bei jedem Fall individuell gemacht.” [Im Int ...

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