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  • Shaking off Constitutional Constraints

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, all eyes have been on the UK Supreme Court this week as the "case of the century" in British constitutional law about Parliament’s right to have a say in exiting the European Union came to an end. While most commentators praised the result as a powerful reinforcement of Parliamentary sovereignty, MARK DAWSON begged to differ: "Something of a da ...

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  • Scarves, Slaves and the Nearly Headless NPD

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington is a spectral character from the Harry Potter saga whose distinguishing mark is that his head is disconnected to his body but for an inch of skin and sinew, due to his botched beheading back in 1492, which is why he went by the moniker "Nearly Headless Nick" ever since.

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  • Sklavenhalter auf Europa-Urlaub: Nicht unser Problem?

    Am Dienstag, überlagert vom NPD-Urteil, kam eine Kammerentscheidung des EGMR in Straßburg, die mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient hätte. Es geht darin um eine Familie aus Dubai, die drei filipinische Frauen wie Haussklavinnen hielt: Sie mussten arbeiten bis zum Umfallen, durften das Haus nicht alleine verlassen, kein eigenes Telefon besitzen, bekamen das versprochene Geld nicht bez ...

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  • Die eventuell, aber nicht potenziell verfassungswidrige NPD

    So viel ist immerhin klar: Jawohl, die NPD ist verfassungsfeindlich. Sie kämpft für das Ziel, die freiheitlich-demokratische Grundordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zu beseitigen oder zu beeinträchtigen (Art. 21 Abs. 2 GG). In der von ihr angestrebten "Volksgemeinschaft", in der nur Angehörige der deutschen Ethnie Angehörige des deutschen Staates sein können, gibt es keine ...

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  • Strangers, Adversaries, Enemies

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, next Tuesday, the German Federal Constitutional Court will deliver its judgment on the ban of the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party (NPD), requested by the States that wield police power in Germany’s federal system. That case is of huge importance not just for Germany as it raises a number of questions that many liberal democracies ...

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  • Us and Them

    (c) phil_k, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, on new year’s eve, at the main station of Cologne, a curious scene took place: People were arriving en masse to celebrate on the vast open space between the station and the towering cathedral. To get there they had to pass a line of policemen positioned before the main entrance of the station who ordered them to ta ...

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  • Cleaning up after 2016

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, the end of this year of 2016 draws close, and relief about that fact, ill-founded as it may be, is palpable wherever I go. It has been a rough ride for constitutionalists, and we all deserve some days of rest and peace, if we can afford it. Therefore, I will spare you with seasonal reviews and reflections on these almost consistently dreadful t ...

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  • Freedom of Assembly in Poland: Next in Line?

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, Public protest seems to be the best hope civil society now has in Poland against its increasingly authoritarian government. The efficacy of the "black protests" by hundreds of thousands of black-clad women and men who took to the streets in all major cities in October to rally against a radical piece of anti-abortion legislation had put a visib ...

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  • Christmas Showdown in Poland

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, something decidedly un-christmasy is going on right now in Poland. On Thursday, I have talked to a person close to the ongoing conflict about the Polish Constitutional Tribunal on the phone, and here is what I have learnt: The PiS government is repeating all the dirty legislative tricks they were playing to the Tribunal as whole, to make sur ...

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  • On Dreams and Nightmares

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, As the „Eurocrat’s Dream“ has ended, what have we woken up to? Since the very noteworthy collection of essays under title „The End of the Eurocrat’s Dream“, edited by CHRISTIAN JOERGES, DAMIEN CHALMERS and MARCUS JACHTENFUCHS, has appeared this spring, the waking-life reality in Europe and beyond has taken on a decidedly nightmarish character.

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  • The Lure of the New Normal

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, No-one can remain in a constant state of exception, that would be a contradiction in terms. Any emergency that goes on for too long becomes somewhat normal over time. If things refuse to get less terrifying, all we can do is raise our level of terrification, isn’t it? Donald Trump will let a White Supremacists‘ media darling shape his political ...

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  • Week #1 after Trump

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, I will not bore you with yet another account of how stunned I still am and how I shake in my booths now and so forth. We all do, I suppose. The world has changed over night, quite literally. And the world we woke up in on Wednesday morning appears to be a far less habitable place for liberal constitutionalists who believe that state and society ...

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  • Enemy of the People?

    (c) J. Triepke, CC BY 2.0 We rub our eyes in surprise: In the motherland of parliamentary democracy, a court decides that it is not for Her Majesty’s Government to exert its Royal Prerogative and push the Brexit button all by itself, but that the representation of the People has to be involved, the sovereign Parliament of the United Kingdom.

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  • Feinde des Volkes?

    (c) J. Triepke, CC BY 2.0 Man reibt sich die Augen: Da fällt im Mutterland der parlamentarischen Demokratie ein Gericht ein Urteil, wonach die Entscheidung über den Brexit nicht etwa Her Majesty’s Government per „royal prerogative“, sondern die Volksvertretung zu fällen hat, das im Vereinigten Königreich souveräne Parlament.

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  • Is the EU Commission’s Rule of Law Fight about Poland already lost?

    Today, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal celebrates its 30th birthday. The city of Gdańsk has invited to a major jubilee conference, with four former and one acting constitutional judge holding lectures and high-ranking guests expected from Europe: The President of the ECJ, Koen Lenaerts, will give an address, the President of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, ...

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  • Hat die EU das Kräftemessen mit Polen bereits verloren?

    Heute feiert das polnische Verfassungsgericht seinen 30. Geburtstag. Die Stadt Danzig lädt zu einer großen Jubiläumskonferenz ein, vier ehemalige und ein amtierender Verfassungsrichter werden Vorträge halten, und auch aus Europa werden hochrangige Gäste erwartet: EuGH-Präsident Koen Lenaerts wird ein Grußwort sprechen, der Präsident der Venedig-Kommission des Europarats, Gianni ...

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