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  • Schoolyard Bullies

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, I am exhausted and also a bit ill after this week of craziness, so please bear with me if this editorial is less elaborate than the last ones. Week of craziness? Catalonia, Austria, a new government forming in Germany – there is certainly more than enough going on to keep a Verfassungsblogger busy these days.

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  • Constitutional Courts in Decline

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, It is not yet clear how the poker game between Barcelona and Madrid will end, at least in the long run. But one party can already be identified as a loser: the Spanish Constitutional Court. No matter who you root for in this exceptionally confusing and dangerous conflict – the constitutional court in Madrid has already suffered a loss of author ...

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  • Die unmögliche Revolution, Teil 3: Eskalation

    Vor der Bank kauert ein Obdachloser. Schottische Unterstützer Flaggenverkäufer Unterstützer aus dem Baskenland demonstrieren mit. Die radikalere Truppe. Kurz nach diesem Schnappschuss kommt ein Demonstrant und befiehlt mir, den Fotoapparat wegzupacken. Ich habe es rechtzeitig zum Flughafen geschafft, wenngleich mit Mühe.

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  • Sozusagen ein Referendum: Bericht aus Barcelona, Teil 2

    Heute morgen habe ich mich mit Joan Vintró getroffen, einem freundlichen älteren Herrn und Verfassungsrechtsprofessor an der Universität von Barcelona. Vintró ist eines von sieben Mitgliedern einer Art "Wahlkommission" für das katalanische Unabhängigkeitsreferendum. Die Gänsefüßchen sind mit Bedacht gesetzt: Die eigentliche Wahlkommission war am 22.

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  • Die unmögliche Revolution: Bericht aus Barcelona, Teil 1

    "Ich habe ETA erlebt, ich habe Terrorismus erlebt", sagt Carmina, eine ältere Dame mit schwarzem Pelzkragen, mit der ich morgens auf der verregneten Plaça Reial ins Gespräch komme. "Heute geht das wieder los." Vor zehn Jahren hat sie einen Freund beim Terroranschlag in Madrid verloren; ihr steigen die Tränen in die Augen, als sie davon erzählt. Sie wird mit Nein stimmen.

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  • Where is the Pulse of Europe when it’s needed?

    Remember spring? When we danced across the squares of Germany, a few hundred at first, more and more every Sunday, the blue yellow-starred flag wrapped around our shoulders, singing our joyful hearts out celebrating the beautiful daughter of Elysium, and at the same time serious, even gloomy, because the Dutch were about to take to the polls, and later the French, and seemed to understand so m.

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  • The Party of the Extreme Normal

    On Sunday evening we will know how many of those far-right AfD politicians will be taking place in the next Bundestag. What we already know (or do we?) is that there will be some, and not a few of them. When things get bad, they might even become the third (or… second?) strongest party group. And once inside, they will not leave anytime soon most likely, even beyond the next four years.

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  • Macron or Juncker

    Commission President Juncker has delivered his State of the Union speech, proposing a whole list of reform and policy measures which are now being weighed and sorted and interpreted by the usual experts and, other than that, go by largely unnoticed. Even days before the national elections in the largest EU member state, the near-death experiences of the Euro and the refugee c ...

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  • Walking out on us

    Dear friends of Verfassungsblog, There has been a lot of walking out going on this week: German far-right leader Alice Weidel walked out of various talkshows and interviews, Hungary walked out of the circle of the EU member states who submit to the jurisdiction of the CJEU as a matter of course, and Catalonia walked out of its attachment to the Spanish constitution.

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  • Beyond Dublin

    A week of reckoning for the ailing European asylum system – this was what many had expected last week to be. The ECJ would certify, in its judgments A.S. and Jafari, the blatant inadequacy of the Dublin system in the face of humanitarian crises, of migration flows of unprecedented proportions, of tens of thousands drowned, frozen, and murdered on the way – just as Advocate Ge ...

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  • Zäune bauen in Luxemburg

    Angela Merkel wird mit der heutigen Grundsatzentscheidung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs in Sachen Flüchtlingsschutz gut leben können. Ihr Entschluss im Sommer 2015, die Grenzen für die Flüchtlinge aus Ungarn zu öffnen, war mitnichten der "eklatante Rechtsbruch", den die CSU mit Sekundanz allerhand prominenter Verfassungsjuristen immer behauptet hatte.

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  • Not to play along

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, In Poland, there will soon perhaps still be independent judges, but no independent judiciary. Poland can no longer be regarded a trustworthy state under the rule of law. This finding is delivered and substantiated by TOMASZ KONCEWICZ, by MATEUSZ MAZZINI and by MARCIN MATCZAK in their respective posts on Verfassungsblog this week, and for thos ...

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  • Human Rights Under Pressure: International Law in Times of Crisis

    Human rights are under pressure – academically from the perspective of critical approaches, viewing them as a continuation of western power politics by other means. Politically and socially, human rights are a target for various populist movements that are hostile to its very ambition. But how do these developments impact on human rights law? How is the scholarship of human r ...

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  • Polish Courts are Our Courts

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is apparently still angry about the German comedian Jan Böhmermann and his notorious Schmähgedicht (poem of revilement). Last February, he managed to get the District Court of Hamburg to ban large parts of Böhmermann’s obscenity-laden jibe, but that did not suffice to placate the President’s wrath: He wants to have all pa ...

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  • The Non-Arsonist’s Guide to Constitutionalism

    Megaphone Chorus, G20 Protests at Hamburg, 2017/7/4, (c) Rasande Tyskar, CC BY NC 2.0 Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog This was a week we German constitutionalists will remember for a long time. Freedom of assembly was submitted to a breaking test in Hamburg, so were freedom of religion and of profession in Karlsruhe, and the adoption of same-sex marriage has triggered a fundam ...

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  • Merkel’s Conscience

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, It has happened, finally: 16 years after the Netherlands' pioneering move, Germany has joined the ranks of countries where same-sex couples can properly marry each other just like anyone else, the last European country north of the Alps and west of the former Iron Curtain (except for Northern Ireland) to do so.

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  • Die Ehe für Alle und die Stunde der Politik

    Wir werden die Ehe für alle beschließen. Diese Woche. — Martin Schulz (@MartinSchulz) 27. Juni 2017 Man reibt sich die Augen. Buchstäblich über Jahre hatte die SPD ihrem Koalitionspartner die Peinlichkeit ersparen geholfen, sich Argumente gegen die Öffnung der Ehe für alle einfallen lassen zu müssen.

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  • A Great Laugh

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, My highlight of the week was undoubtedly the "State Opening of Parliament" in Westminster. If you missed it, do watch it! That is, even in this year’s stripped-down version (obviously there was no time for the horse choreography, so the cavalry and the gilded Irish State Coach had to remain in the stable), constitutional theater at its finest.

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