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  • The fine art of giving and receiving instructions: Repeat!

    Recently I have been talking a lot with coaching clients about the difficulties of giving instructions clearly. The topic also pops up regularly in my Legal Project Management workshops, since communicating clearly with your project team is absolutely vital for project managers. The critical issue often is that what sounded clear as day in our own head still can be misunderst ...

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  • Picture your goals in 3D!

    This year I have been helping a lot of people draft their goals and supported them in achieving those goals. As coach to several dozen lawyers, I worked with them to make their goals SMART (specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and time-bound), which is the first dimension of goals. But that is not enough: goals need to be three-dimensional.

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  • Did you know there are 5 different levels of listening?

    I have spent most of my professional life among lawyers and it has always puzzled me how little we listen. This might be an occupational hazard, but, than again, quite some doctors and people working at hardware stores or banks seem to have the same problem. Now that I am dedicated to training lawyers and other consultants to become better at what they do, this question looms even bigger.

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  • (Re-)Train your focus by doing things differently

    Feeling distracted and unfocused? This summer I´d like to invite you to (re-)train your focus by doing familiar things differently. Among the benefits are the ability to concentrate better and an increased awareness of the information all around you. And you might even improve your work processes in the bargain. Our ability to focus, to pay attention seems to be declining.

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  • THE keystone habit for law firms

    When talking to lawyers and law firms, I often hear ”We understand The New Normal and know that we need to change our way of working, but where on earth should we begin??” Charles Duhigg´s very informative and enjoyable book The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do and how to change offers some advice: he recommends organisations to identify and focus on keystone habits, i.e.

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  • Let´s just call them people issues

    This week I spoke at one of the best conferences I ever attended and it was mainly two things that made the Women Leaders in EU Life Sciences Law conference great: A mix of substantive legal developments, such as pharmaceutical regulatory developments and new compliance rules, on one hand and legal leadership topics, such as building relationships, communicating with your legal team, managing .

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  • Please, don´t put your feedback in a sandwich!

    I had called a colleague to ask a few clarifying questions and give her feedback on the part of the due diligence report she had written for a project I was leading. It was getting a bit late and I said “I saved your part of the report for last because I knew that you are good and that I could more or less paste it directly into my master report with a minimum of adjustments and questions.

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  • DOs and DON´Ts of working together

    I have written the below DOs and DON´Ts many years ago as a set of standards which I will apply, to the best of my abilities, to the projects I lead and which I expect project members to apply to their work. Upon inspection today, I find that most of them still hold true, possibly with one exception.

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  • Where has all that feedback gone?

    A team of researchers at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology has studied how much time leaders spend on actually giving feedback as compared to how much time they think they are giving feedback. The researchers followed about 100 managers at various work places in Sweden from different industry sectors to ensure a wide spread of data.

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  • Tired of all the requests for feedback? Try feedforward!

    I met one of my former trainees for lunch the other day. She is a very bright young lawyer whom I had worked with for several months, so I have observed her talent and skills up close. Recently she has joined a law firm as an associate. She told me how the partner who supervises her work introduces her to new assignments: He tells her what the desired outcome of her work shou ...

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  • What can we do to ensure compliance?

    I have recently studied what behavioural science has to say about legal compliance. Scientists have studied questions such as “Why do people follow rules?” and “What do we need to do to make more people follow certain rules?” The body of research seems to me to be somewhat straggly and abstract and the results quite context-based.

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  • 4 methods that make for great and convincing presentations

    Use pictures and other visuals to illustrate your points This spring I listened to Prof. Knut Kaasen of the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law speak about construction contracts for the oil industry. Since these are the basis for huge offshore and onshore development projects, they need to regulate how to handle necessary changes in a project. Such mechanisms are called variation orders.

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