George Tsebelis

  • Veto Player and the Greek Constitution, Part 4

    For previous parts of this series: part 1, part 2, part 3. 3. How we can shape things up through the electoral system. I showed you in the first part of my talk that it is difficult to make changes, and in the second that most people who want to make them are looking not just in the wrong place, but also in the opposite direction: they try to increase the number of veto play ...

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  • Veto Player and the Greek Constitution, Part 2

    For part 1 of the series (introduction), click here. 2. A long constitution is a (positively) bad constitution[1]. Constitutions are “locked” documents because they are the stable basis of all legislation in a country. They require qualified majorities to be modified. The Greek constitution specifies that “two separate parliamentary votes on either side of a general electi ...

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  • Veto Players and the Greek Constitution

    On June 20th, George Tsebelis delivered a speech upon his acceptance of an honorary PhD by the University of Crete in which he applies the insights of his seminal “veto player” theory to the task of constitutional reform in Greece with a view to reducing the power of extremist parties. We document this speech, previously published in the Greek Political Science Review, in a four-part series.

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