Dimitry Kochenov

  • Brexit and Citizenship

    What are the likely consequences of Brexit for the status and rights of British citizenship? Can the fact that every British national is an EU citizen mitigate the possible negative consequences of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on the plane of the rights enjoyed by the citizens of the UK? These questions are not purely hypothetical, as the referendum on June 23 can potentially mark one of th.

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  • How just is the EU, or: is there a ‘new’ European deficit?

    Let us face it: the EU affects the lives of many people in ways they perceive as profoundly unjust. Lives are dramatically affected by the policies of austerity, widely understood to be EU-imposed. With the Court of Justice appearing to stand for its own authority and EU autonomy at any cost; with migrants attempting to reach fortress Europe and drowning en masse as the EU c ...

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  • ‘My dear, the Noise, the People…’: On Fears about Assemblies

    Recent European Parliament election results will no doubt keep scholars of all sorts busy for a while. It seems to be the right moment for saying a word about the possible dangers that heightened attention to this institution (one among many in a coherent complex structure) can bring. We will no doubt hear about the deficient political cultures in the Member States and the pote ...

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