European parliamentary sovereignty on the shoulders of national parliamentary sovereignties: A Reply to Sébastien Platon

We are really grateful that the Verfassungsblog has been one of the very first forums engaging the discussion on the Treaty on the democratization of the governance of the euro area (T-Dem). While the proposal has emerged in the framework of the current French presidential campaign, and is now widely debated in this context, it has been primarily thought of as a contribution to the ongoing transnational conversation over the future of the European Union. As authors of the proposal, we first wish to thank our colleague Sébastien Platon for launching an interesting discussion about the T-Dem. While he raises a number of points that we wish to respond to, in the hope of fostering what we believe indeed is a much-needed debate, we note that his blog post converges with our views that “something must be done to increase the democratic accountability of the governance of the Euro Area”; a diagnosis that is indicative of a growing consensus across Europe –recently exemplified by commissioner and long-time member of the Eurogroup Pierre Moscovici, who acknowledged that such an informal body “cannot anymore take its decisions, decide on budgetary policy or on the future of Greece for example late in the night and in secret (huis clos)”.

It is not the place here, in the short format of a blog post, to present all the political ins and outs of the T-Dem. A short book presenting these at more length is being published in France (Seuil, 2017) and translations will become available in the coming months in several European languages ...

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