"Trump’s statements express the same kind of populist opposition to constitutional court judges we have seen elsewhere"

The judicial branch has a hard time in many countries these days. In the UK, the judges of the High Court have been labelled „enemies of the people“ on yellow-press front pages after they crossed the government in Brexit. In Poland the government has systematically subjugated the Constitutional Court and is about to do the same with the judiciary in general. These attempts are helped by a wide-spread sentiment that the judiciary is part of a self-serving liberal elite detached from "what the people want". Are we seeing something similar in the US?

We might, but in a much weaker sense than in Poland or even in the UK. We have not seen any legislative action against courts yet, as in Poland, nor have we seen press campaigns as in the UK. A federal judge in Seattle has blocked the realization of President Trump’s so-called Muslim ban order, and the President in particular and a number of his supporters have verbally attacked the court. The statements by President Trump express the same kind of populist opposition to elitist constitutional court judges that we have seen elsewhere.

You are referring to the President’s statement calling Judge Robart a "so-called judge"?

When you say "so-called" you are saying in essence this person really is not a judge even he is acting in a courtroom. It is a way of undermining the legitimacy of the actions that the judge has taken.

Do the government lawyers have a point when they claim that the executive order in question is a matter of foreign policy which under US constitutional law is the domain of widely unrestrained executive power?

The President does have quite a large scope of authority in the field of foreign affairs. But under the US constitutional system, even in the foreign affairs domain in some circumstances there are limitations on the scope of Presidential power imposed by other provisions in the Constitution ...

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