Rezension: Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies

von Christian Wickert

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Die Rezensionen wurden verfasst von Kendra Briken, Glasgow

Titel: Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies Herausgeberinnen: Rita Abrahamsen & Anna Leander Jahr: 2016 Verlag: Routledge ISBN: 9780415729352

No doubt the academic interest in Security Studies has risen over the last decades, and so has the publication outcome. It comes as no surprise the Handbook on Security (Martin Gill, ed.) saw its second edition in 2014. In 2016, Routledge put another log on the fire, focussing on ‘Private Security Studies’. Rita Abramhamsen and Anna Leander edited what could clearly be understood as a thoroughly thought through add on to the academic and practitioners’ needs.

The book aims to follow an interdisciplinary approach. This seems obvious since Security Studies in itself are created from within different disciplines. It also mirrors the themes relevant for Private Security Studies (PPS): law and economy play a crucial part to fully understand markets and regulation. Furthermore, the editors also invited non-academics. Given that practitioners in general and consultants in specific play an important role in the ways in which field access is gained in this area, this seems appropriate and is reflecting the community of practice within security studies. Consequently, the 26 chapter stem from a well-balanced and refreshing composition of senior researchers, early(er) career academics, and consultants; both sexes contribute equally. Geographically, Asia is underrepresented, and of course the Anglo-Saxon world dominates ...

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