On europe´s failure to protect Refugee children on Chios


Dies ist ein Beitrag von Michael Bader. Er studierte Rechtswissenschaft in Leipzig, Rouen und derzeit an der HU Berlin. Er ist Mitbegründer der Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig, deren ersten Ausbildungszyklus er absolvierte. Sein Interessenschwerpunkt liegt auf inter-, supra- und nationalen Menschenrechten und deren Durchsetzung.

On the 20th of November the international community celebrated the 27th Anniversary of the commencement of the United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child (UN CRC). This international treaty dates back to 1989 and has been described as the global recognition of children´s vulnerability and their specific need for protection and care. But where is the European community in the wake of thousands of children being deprived of almost every right stated in this convention on a daily basis?

Children in need

Children make up half of the refugee population and are deemed the most vulnerable group of refugees. Since March, many NGOs, running on private donations and volunteers, are present on the Greek island of Chios close to Çeşme, the Izmir harbor. The NGOs founded two schools and a youth center and try to ensure accommodation, psychological treatment and basic aliments. But where is the state of Greece and especially the European community when it comes to the protection of refugee children?

The circumstances for refugees on the Greek-Turkey boarder

Since the EU-Turkey-Deal, far less refugee boats have arrived on the Greek islands close to the Turkish border. Despite the closure of EU-boarders, many people still try to escape war, poverty, violence and death by crossing the Aegean Sea.

Whereas for Europeans, the ocean in between Greece and Turkey might a beautiful spot for vacation, people who forcibly had to leave everything behind, oftentimes spend all they have left to cross these 10 km of ocean ...

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