Happy New Year!

von Peter Bert

Dear readers, thank you for your interest in this blog during the last year! Let me start 2017 by wishing all of you a happy New Year, both professionally and privately. Also, I would like to take the opportunity to look back at 2016.

I always try to provide content that I hope you find interesting. While I am not certain that you are interested in what others read on this blog to 2016, I certainly am, and I will try to get some guidance from this as to what you might want to read in 2017. If there are topics that are dear to your heart, please let me know, is always great to get some feedback. This having been said, these were the top 10 posts in 2016:

The most read post in 2016 was somewhat off topic, a 2015 piece on Labyrinth of Lies, a biopic about Fritz Bauer, the public prosecutor behind the Auschwitz trial. Whenever I post on something “off topic”, I wonder whether you are at all interested. Apparently you are: The post on the Fritz Bauer movie claimed the top spot back in 2015 as well, with the post about the Fritz Bauer exhibition at the Jewish museum in Frankfurt coming in as no. 10. Fritz Bauer has become somewhat of an unlikely movie hero, with two further films having been made about him – given the interest, it may be worth following up on this.

Three of the top ten posts dealt with transparency in international arbitration, namely with the streaming of the hearing in the ICSID case of Vattenfall vs. Germany (no. 3), with my analysis of the first data the ICC released on arbitrators sitting in ICC cases (no. 4) and finally on the measures the ICC announced to enhance transparency and efficiency (no. 9). The fourth arbitration-related post was a 2011 classic on the perennial issue of pathological arbitration clauses stipulating a non-existing arbitral institution (no. 10) ...

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