High time for popular constitutionalism!

von Matej Avbelj

We have long praised the liberal values on which modern constitutionalism is built and there to enforce: inviolable and equal human dignity, human rights protection, democracy and the rule of law. These are all the cornerstone values of modern constitutionalism deeply imbued with liberal political ethos in whose absence they either cannot exist or acquire a completely different, perhaps even adverse meaning.

Not long ago the advent of illiberal democracy has been announced. It has been mocked, downplayed, but also seriously critically engaged with, including by the authors of this blog. However, since the idea has come from marginal countries in the European East, from Hungary, Poland, but also Slovenia and the likes, it has not been really perceived as an objective threat to the Western constitutional order.

The election of Donald Trump, not for who he is, but what he has been standing for, must change this ...

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