The IRI hosted international panel discussion: The INSITU Forum

On August 10, 2016 the 3rd IN SITU Forum took place at the Institute for legal Informatics. The INSITU Forum is a panel discussion organized by the institute for Legal Informatics primarily for the students of the INSITU Summerschool in IT/IP Law. The event is of course always open to anyone that has a keen interest in IT and IP law.

The main topic of this 3rd INSITU Forum was the possible repercussions of technological innovation to human rights. For this purpose the panelists gave insights to German, Indian, UK-European and US-European Perspectives.

The Panel Discussion started with an overview to the role of the interface between IP, competition and human rights, provided by Prof. Dr. Abbe Brown.

Prof. Dr. Brown first referred to the benefits and drawbacks of the current IP Law instruments. While IP may increase development of new technologies it also gives rise to diverse conflicts. According to Prof. Dr. Brown, such conflicts may particularly rise in cases, where the patent owner prevents researchers from using technology that has a wide social importance, e.g. for medical or climate research. She underlined that such obstacles for innovation can be overcome by a new and wider approach to IP, since IP on its own is not enough to stimulate innovation and growth. According to her, competition law and human rights shall be introduced as equal partners to IP in the international IP system, since a balanced interaction between these legal fields would lead to outcomes that enable a wider and more equitable access to technology.

After that, IN SITU Student and PhD candidate Jayanta Ghosh LL.M. gave an overview to the Indian Patent System and its interplay with TRIPS, The Agreement on Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property law. He also gave an overview over the Indian Constitution protecting Human rights in particular the right to access life-saving medicines ...

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