Five Questions on Brexit to KENNETH ARMSTRONG

von Kenneth Armstrong

1. What were your thoughts when you first heard of the result of the referendum?

It was not an unexpected result. Last week my prediction was 53:47. I wrote to someone early this week saying that in light of the pause of the campaign after the murder of Jo Cox MP it might be more like 51.8:48.2. And yet I was still shocked and became more so as it sank in.

2. Could an exit of the UK result in changes to the constitutional setup of the European Union, for better or worse?

My hope had been that Remain would be a platform not for the status quo but for real reform. The narrative from Tusk today was all about the unity of the EU27. It would be disappointing of that meant business as usual. There might be lots of dimensions to this but I still feel the relationship between the European Council and the European Commission lies at the heart of the issue of political responsibility and where reform might be needed.

3 ...

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