An Ideal, not a Place: A Euro-Critic’s Case for the UK Remaining in the EU

Order in chaos

Even as it is wholly ill-informed, the Brexit debate is dominated by a battle for facts. In the one corner, those determined to catapult the UK out of the Union have been evermore inventive (mendacious) in their pursuit of figures that ‘demonstrate’ the unbearable strains of integration upon the UK population / Exchequer. In the other, Vote Remain’s assertion that a No vote will lead to economic shock is better backed up by reputable research, but the campaign is nonetheless careless, failing to highlight that all economic prognoses contain their own uncertainties. The debate has been sadly misdirected as each side seeks to assert its own ‘statistical truth’. By contrast, no attention is paid to visions of how the global world, the EU and the UK within it, might be ordered for the good ...

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