Data breach: What to do if it has happened?

von David Klein

Data breach: What to do if it has happened?

There have been major data breaches in the last few years, concerning hundred of million individuals whose personal information have been disclosed to criminals. You may think of Home Depot or Sony, but the probably most popular data breach happened to governmental systems, and the information involved have led to a transatlantic earthquake. You may remember that case usually referred to as “Wikileaks”.

If you are subject to a data breach it is unlikely that this will have a similar impact on the world’s politic ecosystem. Nevertheless, the consequences may have a very likely effect on you and your business.

So, a breach has happened and you followed my recommendation to be prepared for such a disaster? Then stay calm and carry on with the next steps. But don’t forget, time is crucial.

1. The first minutes

Fix your systems. If you have no clue what happened, collect the facts first. Have your systems been compromised? Get them back in shape. Has one of your shortly fired former employees stolen the data? Shut down his account. I guess you got an idea what I meant with “fix your systems” Inform the relevant people in your firm and trigger the respective actions. Have your people followed the policies and proceedings accordingly? If so, great job. If not, get them more training the next time. Start collecting evidences for the breach, e.g ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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