EGMR: Süveges v. Hungary (application no. 50255/12)

von Dr. Georg Neureither

The applicant, Péter Süveges, is a Hungarian national who was born in 1972. A multiple recidivist, Mr Süveges essentially complained about the criminal proceedings against him on, among other offences, aggravated murder, armed robbery and illegal possession of firearms and explosives, as well as his related pre-trial detention and house arrest.

After more than 50 hearings before a number of different judges, Mr Süveges was found guilty of those offences in February 2014 and sentenced to life imprisonment. In July 2015 this judgment was quashed and remitted to the first-instance court where the case is currently still pending.

In the context of those criminal proceedings and on the grounds of a risk of absconding and reoffending, the courts ordered Mr Süveges’ pre-trial detention which essentially covered three periods, starting on June 2005 when he was arrested and remanded in custody and still continuing. These periods of pre-trial detention were punctuated by periods when he served prison sentences in other, unrelated, criminal proceedings or was placed under house arrest (between January 2012 and November 2013). Most recently, in July 2015 he was placed in pre-trial detention again following the quashing of his conviction of February 2014.

During his house arrest, Mr Süveges made various requests for one-off leave, including visits to family, which were granted. Other requests for more regular visits to his mother and father, who were both in poor health, were refused ...

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