European-Latinamerican Arbitration Association (ELArb) – A Dedicated Arbitration Center

von Peter Bert

The European-Latinamerican Arbitration Association (ELArb) has set up a dedicated abitration center for disputes related to Latin America, based in Hamburg. ELArb, established in 2014, aims at providing a tailor-made legal Framework for disputes between parties from Europe and Latin America.

Working with lawyers from Europe and Latin America, ELArb has developed the ELArb Arbitration Rules. The ELArb Arbitration Rules form the basis for arbitration proceeding administered by the ELArb Arbitration Center. On an administrative level, the ELArb Arbitration Center works together with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, established back in 1665, and with other chambers of commerce, particularly from Latin America. One of its founding members is the Lateinamerika Verein, the leading networking and information platform for German companies with business interests in Latin America.

The ELArb Arbitration Rules are based on the UNCITRAL Model Rules and the UNCITRAL Model Law. The model law was the basis of, or at least has significantly influenced, most national arbitration laws in Latin America. The ELArb Arbitration are compaltible with Latinamerican legal systems and take their particularities into account. This specialisation notwithstanding, the ELArb Arbitration Center and the ELArb Arbitration Rules are available to parties world-wide, a connection with Europe and/or Latin America is not required ...

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