5 critical steps to change your way of working when you need to cope with changes in the legal world

von Marion Ehmann

Lawyers in law firms and law departments are starting to accept that The New Normal in the legal business environment requires them to change. The New Normal means, among many other things, coping with shrinking budgets for legal spend and demands for transparent pricing. This requires a change of law firm or law department culture – “culture” just being another word for “the way we do things around here”.

But changing the way you are used to doing things is hard – very hard. A lot of my coaching sessions with lawyers are dedicated to this issue. It might not surprise you to hear that there are no quick fixes. But there are recipes for change and I have found the following to be the best. It has five necessary ingredients:

Find the right motivator: You need to put some thought into this and find a motivator that works for you, which might be quite different from what works for your colleagues. If you are not motivated very much by money, you won´t get a self-evident kick or find meaning in preparing invoices or drafting and enforcing matter budgets. But if you are motivated by serving your clients in the best possible way, this will be your lever for tackling budgeting and billing work. All you need to do is accept that good legal work on a tight, transparent budget and a neat and clear invoice is great client service – you can ask any client, external or internal, for confirmation of this fact ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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