EU Trademark Reform: What Changes for Applicants?

von Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

In April this year the president of the European Council and representatives of the European Parliament have reached a preliminary agreement on the reform of the European trademark system. In June the European council’s permanent representatives have confirmed this agreement. Thus the reform might finally come into effect next year. The amendments will be important for you if you plan to apply for a European community trademark in the near future. Small and mid-sized companies shall profit the most.

Which Aims does the EU Trademark Reform Target?

The changes to the trademark guideline and regulation serve the modernization and improvement of existing standards and policies. The reform shall make the European trademark law easier and less bureaucratic. Thus the cooperation between the member states’ trademark offices and the Office for Harmonisation of the internal market will be simplified. A new fee schedule will be established as well. It entails some cost reductions for trademark applicants respectively holders.

Nice Classes and Fees
  • The application for an EU community trademark costs 900 Euros at the moment. Three Nice classes are already included for your obligatory list of goods and services. In the future applicants shall be able to use only one Nice class and pay 850 Euros. If they want a second class additional 50 Euros will have to be paid. Every additional class costs 150 Euros.
  • The terms used within every Nice class have to match exactly with the respective class’s headline. For trademark applications filed before June 6th 2012 there will be a time limit of 6 months beginning on the day when the new legislation comes into effect ...
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