Celebrity Photographer Guido Karp about Stolen Photos, Fair Use, and Copyright – Honest, Open, and Raw!

von Karsten Gulden

We had the chance to speak with celebrity photographer Guido Karp in a candid interview that should speak to the heart of many photographers.

Guido Karp has photographed the greats: AC/DC, Michael Jackson, the Stones, Robbie Williams, the Backstreet Boys, and many more for more than 30 years. More than 1000 CD and DVD covers are to his credit, featuring mile stones like the world’s best selling record ever, Elton John’s Candle in the wind, AC/DC’s Black Ice, Michael Jackson’s This is it – again, the list seems endless.

Here, Guido Karp takes a stance on questions that should be interesting to both photographers and disciples of the slogan “everything on the internet must be free”. Even lawyers shouldn’t feel left out. Honest, open, and raw!

Interview with celebrity photographer Guido Karp and Karsten Gulden certified lawyer for copyright and media law

Guido Karp, © Jay Spence


Karsten Gulden: Mr. Karp, for decades, you’ve been a globally successful representative for the art of photography. Since you got your start in photography in the beginning of the 70’s, the world, and with it the world of photography, has changed a quite a bit. One of the most significant developments must be digital photography. What changes have you experienced because of the digitization of photography, where do you see the advantages of digitization – and where the disadvantages?

Mr. Karp: As a matter of fact, I started digitizing my material very early on – long before professional digital cameras existed – because my material had to go through a scanner at some point in order to be printed in a magazine or on LP/ CD/ DVD covers. The big “digital” advantage for me as a tour-photographer is, of course, that I now no longer have to look for a professional photo lab in unknown cities. Russia, in particular, was always an adventure ...

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