How much does a patent application really cost?

von Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

Descriptions, sketches and diagrams – all those items belong to an invention in order to make it comprehensible especially for the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO). Indeed the GPTO charges fees for the application. And once the patent rights are granted, there will arise further costs. In the following article we have summarized which costs you will have to face in order that you know from the start what you have to expect as a patent applicant.

The costs before and while the application are only the tip of the iceberg

Certainly you’ve once already heard that the GPTO demands fees for the application of a patent. We have reported about it in this article. Even at the application you have to consider several cost factors. For example, before the actual application the research should be done in order to be sure that your invention does not belong to the state of the art and your invention can thus be patented. You can order the research directly at the GPTO combined with the application or at a researcher who is specialized on patents. A rigorous investigation which is not only relinquished to the official department costs money and therefore this should be considered as well. If the research has revealed that your invention is actually new enough, further application fees will follow. They vary between 40 and 135 Euros, depending on whether the patent application ensues online or on paper and whether it is a national or international application. Additionally a charge of 150 Euros for the audit procedure and a charge of 300 Euros for the research, which the DPMA is definitely conducting before the substantive examination, arise. Eventually you would also have to pay a fee for the expert if you decide to seek professional help. The audit procedure may extend according to the complexity of the invention ...

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