5 reasons why you should file a trademark

von Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

When it’s about the Intellectual Property, it is obvious that certain property rights, like patents, are useful. By the means of patents inventors are able to make an economic profit and forbid others the use of your invention. But what purpose do trademarks serve? After all they aren’t objects of utility or technical proceedings which you can convert into money immediately. The reason why the registration of a trademark is a worthwhile investigation anyway, will be discussed at this point.

1. A trademark offers your company awareness and advertising possibilities

A trademark can consist of symbols, pictures and musical pieces and theoretically even of smells. Those items are easier to remember than the mere company names. Ideally you express without words what the particular service or product of your company makes up. For instance the green point is recognizable as such; additionally it is formed out of two intertwined arrows which point out to the recycling as managerial performance. That’s the reason why you should make use of a trademark registration in a creative and promotionally effective way in order to increase the publicity of your company as much as possible and to save if officially.

2. Trademarks can become a real store of value

Do you still know the trademark Commodore? In the 1980s the VC-20 and the C64 belonged to the most distributed computers ever. Nowadays the company doesn’t even exist anymore and Apple and Co. are dominating the computer segment. Indeed the trademark Commodore keeps on living. The recognition value and the retro charm saved the trademark’s survival. Meanwhile a remake of the C64 as a home computer and also smartphone are planned. After all you can convert a trademark into money – by licensing or sale. And no, your company doesn’t have to bust.

3. A trademark creates confidence in your company

You can advertise as much as you want ...

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