International Bar Association: Judicial Integrity Initiative – Participate in the Survey

von Peter Bert

David W. Rivkin, the president of the International Bar Association (IBA), calls the Judicial Integrity Initiative (JII) is one of the most important initiatives as IBA President. Here is from his email inviting your participation in this initiative:

“The first part of the initiative focuses on a survey to understand how and when judicial corruption arises. From the results of the survey, we will be able to consider and to implement various activities using the strength of the IBA to combat judicial corruption.

To ensure the survey is successful, it is important that we receive a large number of responses from lawyers throughout the world. I know that you are busy, but because lawyers are inevitably involved whenever judicial corruption occurs, the IBA has a special responsibility to take steps to help eliminate it and your participation by completing this survey will help us meet that mission. Please complete this survey by no later than 23 October 2015. The survey can be completed in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. To start please click the relevantive option and follow the on screen instructions.

As described in more detail in the survey, your answers to the survey will be anonymous and confidential.


The IBA is aware that most members of the judiciary operate with utmost integrity and are tireless in their efforts to fight corruption where it occurs; they encourage independence and impartiality in judicial decision-making throughout the world. The JII aims to contribute to these efforts by raising awareness of the causes and consequences of judicial corruption where it does exist, by promoting the highest standards of integrity among lawyers and judges, by considering how countries have worked effectively to eliminate judicial corruption and by proposing concrete steps that should be useful in preventing it ...

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