Vortragsankündigung: Dr. Jonathan Ilan – Understanding Street Culture

von Christian Wickert

Dr. Jonathan Ilan, Senior Lecturer an der University of Kent und Autor des Buches “Understanding Street Culture” (2014), wird am 20. Oktober einen Gastvortrag am Institut für Kriminologische Sozialforschung der Universität Hamburg halten. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich zu der Veranstaltung eingeladen. Details sind der unten stehenden Ankündigung zu entnehmen.

Understanding Street Culture: From criminal lifestyles to urban cool in the global ghetto

This talk reflects on the role of ‘street culture ‘, the being, behaviours and beliefs of the most excluded of the urban poor in the cultivation of both criminal lifestyles and urban expressivity across the globe. Recognizing that the ‘defiant stance’ of the street criminal echoes many of the traits long considered as ‘cool’ within the consumer culture, the talk explores the complicated ways in which the urban poor are simultaneously included in and excluded from socio-economic life.

Deploying analyses at the macro, meso and micro levels, the talk considers the ways in which globalization and neoliberalism; expressive practices and cultural meanings; as well as affective and emotional responses, characterise both the behaviour of street cultural practitioners and how it is perceived. Using the theoretical device of the street-cultural spectrum, the talk explains how street culture can be a form of cultivated, prosthetic cool for the included and a means of survival for the most socio-economically excluded ...

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