You’ve been Warned? A Patent Attorney can Help

von Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

Did you receive a warning letter because someone accuses you of having infringed a European or German patent? Sometimes this nasty surprise comes faster than you might think: Not only those who have actively counterfeited an invention have to fear certain consequences such as warning letters, compensation claims or even a prison sentence. You might as well be given a punishment if you’ve committed a seemingly minor crime like selling goods that have been produced utilizing a counterfeited invention. Today we’ll explain why you should better not try to solve a problem like this on your own.

Did you really Infringe a Patent?

Do you realize whose patent you have infringed due to a certain of your activities? Often it isn’t clearly visible how and where a patent infringement originally arose. For example, if you’ve cluelessly sold some books which had been printed with a machine whose license had already expired at the time of print, this might already suffice to blame you for patent infringement. The patent owner’s representatives might soon approach you and try to collect some sample copies in order to check the alleged patent infringement. How should you react in this situation? Do you have to agree with every step taken by the patent owner? And which consequences will the decisions you’re making now have later on?

In many cases of alleged patent infringements the circumstances can’t be that easily and precisely interpreted even though the patent owner might try to persuade you of that. A specialized patent attorney can help you gain clarity and provide perspectives of unavoidable consequences and legal leeways. A lot of potential patent infringers entrap themselves even more because they access professional help too late ...

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