Whistleblowing und die neue EU-Richtlinie für Geschäftsgeheimnisse

The International League of Competition LAW (LIDC), one of the eldest international law associations, has today (3 October) approved a resolution on the the trialogue discussions regarding the EU directive on the protection of trade secrets. The 140 delegates from more than 20 countries approved unanimously the text after two days of discussions at their conference in Stockholm.

Here are the main LIDC recommendations :

1. The international harmonisation of legislation on the protection of confidential know-how and business information (trade secrets) against their wrongful acquisition, use and disclosure should be pursued within due time.

2. A good starting point is the European Parliament’s proposal for an EU directive of June 2015 on the protection of trade secrets. However, the existing text still has some lacunas, especially where it supports trade secret proprietors´ claims against public authorities, journalists and whistleblowers in respect of the acquisition and revelation of business information.

3. In general, the protection of trade secrets should not prejudice the public’s access to information regarding industry malpractice.

4 ...

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