From Privacy to Freedom of Expression: the Continuum in 2015 – 2020.

von Jonathan Stoklas

MAPPING Annual General Assembly, Hannover, September 22-23, 2015.

The annual event of the MAPPING project,, has become a recognised European platform for the exchange of views of a multi-stakeholder community. The very wide-ranging discussions this year focused on inter-related issues such as privacy, security and freedom of expression, as well as intellectual property rights.

The Hannover 2015 General Assembly also hosted a panel presentation by the new UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy, Professor Joe Cannataci; his first public speech before a live audience since he took up this new UN mandate on August 1st, 2015.
One of the fundamental outputs of this dialogue was the presentation of the MAPPING draft Road Map, a contribution to new and emerging EU policy on the digital transition ...

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