Patent Boom in China - What You Need to Know

von Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

China seems to be a commercial wonderland these days, offering a giant market for foreign companies. In any case the future of the world economy can no longer be imagined without China. But inventors pushing onto the Chinese market must be careful when they apply for patents, because the country tries to counter the foreign influence on their economy with a torrent of patent applications. Are you also planning on marketing your invention in China? The following article explains what causes the masses of Chinese patent applications and what you should bear in mind in order to protect your invention effectively.

China Does Everything She Can to Become Innovation Country

In 1949, when China was proclaimed People’s Republic, the state’s industry was regarded as still in its developing stages. Soon Chairman Mao Zedong took measures to have China catch up on the delay which his country had compared to the level of other industrial countries. As of today the economic boom still is strong. One reason for Chinas economic success is the country’s low wages, though they have been rising significantly with the increase of prosperity. Economists are thus predicting it is only a matter of time until outsourcing production to China will no longer be lucrative for foreign companies. For this reason the Chinese government is trying to push the industry’s development in another direction – instead of being a “global workbench”, the country shall become technologically progressive on its own merit. One way to reach this goal is to encourage patent applications on a massive scale.

Which Path Does China Choose to Become the „World’s Patent Champion“?

Two million patents applications shall be filed until the year 2020. This is the number targeted by the Chinese government in order to turn the country into an “innovation state”. One way to reach this goal is by offering governmental subsidy, for example tax discounts ...

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