Where In Europe Is a Patent Application Worthwhile?

von Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

Before you have an invention patented, it is important to find out in which countries a patent application would be the most worthwhile. Indeed this question can’t be answered that easily since not every patent is similarly useful in certain countries. Consequently it is not possible to give a general answer to this question. Nevertheless today we would like to demonstrate you some perspectives.

A Strong Economy Promises the Best Sales

In the most cases the economically most powerful countries of Europe are the most interesting ones for patent applications. That is because you can usually gain the best sales with your invention in those countries. The economically most powerful countries are currently Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Swiss. We can tell from experience that the most patent applications are actually made there. Thus countries like Greece or Spain are, due to their current economically bad situation, less interesting for patent applications. But also countries like Denmark, Poland or the Czech Republic are usually uninteresting for patent applicants as there is not much economical fluctuation.

Obtain Different Points of View!

But anyway, you can’t say in general that the economically most powerful countries are in each case the best option for your patent. Much more important than the sales of the respective country is the question in which country your invention would be the most suitable and where you benefit the most. Let us give you an example. The Czech Republic is considered as economically weak. Indeed the agriculture is strongly represented ...

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