Rezension: The Private Security State? Surveillance, Consumer Data and the War on Terror.

von Christian Wickert

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Titel: The Private Security State? Surveillance, Consumer Data and the War on Terror AutorInnen: Kirstie Ball, Elizabeth Daniel, Sally Dibb, Maureen Meadows, Keith Spiller Jahr: 2015 Verlag: CBS Press ISBN: 978-87-630-0332-2

Diese Rezension wurde verfasst von Sami Coll, Lausanne, Schweiz.

The theoretical starting point of this volume is to shed light on a predominant and growing feature in new surveillance politics: the porosity between the private and public sectors. In this case, by “private security state”, the authors mean how governments want to gather data produced by the interaction between firms and consumers for national security, rather than how governments outsource surveillance tasks to private companies.

This research focuses on the organisational level of private companies that have been required to monitor their customers in order to increase national security, in response to the War on Terror. The authors aim to analyse the impact of this politics of surveillance, both on the management level and on the everyday work of employees. It empirically embraces the complexity of two case studies: the anti-money laundering and the counter-terrorism finance regulations in retail financial services and the eBorders regulations in the retail travel industry.

While firms in the retail travel industry have been required to collect customers’ data and transmit them systemically to appropriate government services, retail financial services firms have been required to analyse customer data themselves in order to track suspicious behaviour and alert authorities when found. As expected, these governmental demands have had a considerable impact on firms, and size matters greatly ...

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