Data Protection for Entrepreneurs - Competitive Advantage for Startups

Like most German companies, startups don’t spend enough time focusing on data protection. However, it is entrepreneurs themselves that stand to benefit from actively engaging with the issue of data protection. The upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation will force entrepreneurs to acknowledge data protection whether they wish to or not. There is a clear need for more information.

Those that think that data protection is only an issue for more established firms should think again. It is precisely due to startup’s activity on the internet that authorities and users alike focus on their businesses. For startup founders, topics such as data protection and IT security are not only highly important, but also advantageous to pay attention to. It is much easier to involve data protection and IT security into the company during the initial phases than it is at a later date.

When a startup is in the beginning of establishing itself, implementation of data protection and IT security measures are generally low-cost and manageable options – feasible due to the absence of standard processes. Established companies generally have standard processes that need to be changed due to a lack of legal compliance with data protection and IT security regulations. This tends to tie up IT resources. Startups should work together with data protection and IT security experts for assistance in the very first stages of their company’s development. In this way, they can ensure legal compliance and have a thorough understanding of how to integrate the systems and processes into the company.

The first item that must be clarified is the question of who has access to what data, which customer data can be accessed by whom and how profiling measures are compliant with data protection regulations. The most important decision a company faces is the implementation of data protection measures ...

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