Let´s just call them people issues

von Marion Ehmann

This week I spoke at one of the best conferences I ever attended and it was mainly two things that made the Women Leaders in EU Life Sciences Law conference great:

A mix of substantive legal developments, such as pharmaceutical regulatory developments and new compliance rules, on one hand and legal leadership topics, such as building relationships, communicating with your legal team, managing and retaining talent and much more, on the other. An atmosphere of cooperation and information-sharing where panellists and participants both were eager to share their professional journeys, their challenges and support strategies.

I am taking home a huge “goody bag” filled with great communication and leadership techniques, inspiring stories and contacts which I believe will solidify into a network. I am also taking home a profound insight: How extremely little of what we discussed could be classified as “women´s issues”.

Basically, it was only one topic that we briefly touched upon that really fits this category (Providing, at the cost of a few thousand euro, acceptable facilities for nursing instead of having the shower rooms double up as nursing rooms and thus preventing the young mothers from leaving the company) ...

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