More ideas for great presentations – get inspired by TED talks

von Marion Ehmann

I frequently browse the TED-website for presentations. I find them perfect for giving my brain a break from whatever I have been working on or during a quick lunch at my desk. And I often find them very inspiring as regards presentation technique. So instead of reading an article, today I invite you to have a look at the following presentations. It is not only their content that makes those presentations great, but also the “how”: 1. Dare to use humour and props Swedish professor of Public Health Science Hans Rosling has been called “the great visualizer”. He has become somewhat of a TED legend, reaching millions of people with his talks. He his not only really good with his statistics software Gapminder, but also with more analogue technology in the form of props. And he uses humour to change our view of the state of the world. Here are my favourites: The Magic Washing Machine Global Population Growth, Box by Box 2. Tell a story Dan Barber tells us how he fell in love with a fish. Actually, he talks about sustainable fish farming and how chefs as himself can keep fish on the menu. 3 ...

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