DOs and DON´Ts of working together

von Marion Ehmann

I have written the below DOs and DON´Ts many years ago as a set of standards which I will apply, to the best of my abilities, to the projects I lead and which I expect project members to apply to their work. Upon inspection today, I find that most of them still hold true, possibly with one exception. But let´s have a look at the original version first: Dos and Don´ts of working together in projects DOs: • DO write subject lines to your e-mails and make them distinguishable. It´s going to be awfully difficult to find one specific e-mail four weeks down the road from now among 1272 e-mails which all have the subject line “Project Whatever”. • DO show up in time for meetings, even the internal ones. Respect your own time and others´. • DO use the possibilities of our telephone system (e.g. voicemail) when you are not in your room or cannot take calls because you have to work concentratedly or when you are talking to someone in your office. • DO give people you are working with clear instructions and as much background as they need to know to fulfill their tasks. Tell them what it is all about, what you want them to do and in what form and when you would like their reply. Make up your mind about this before you instruct people. • DO keep an eye on your current workload and let others know when you cannot take on any more. It´s okay to say no. • DO let your colleagues and clients know when you can´t keep a deadline. Do so as soon as possible and before the deadline runs out. • DO speak to the project manager before you draw in other colleagues into a project because of your workload. If you get the OK, it is your responsibility to give them all the instructions they need. • DO make significant descriptions of your work when registering your time. Use the language that is used for communication with the client also for your time entries ...

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