Call for Papers: ‘The Other’ International Cultural Criminology Conference

von Christian Wickert

Vom 25.-26. Juni 2015 findet an der VU University Amsterdam die International Cultural Criminology Conference ‘The Other’ statt. Als Hauptreferenten sind die Soziologen/ Kriminologen Jack Katz und Jeff Ferrell angekündigt.
Auf der Konferenzseite rufen die Veranstalter zur Einreichung von Abstracts auf.

In defining, categorizing, labelling and targeting offenders, criminologists try to get a grip on crime. Important studies such as ‘Outsiders’ (Howard Becker, 1963), ‘The Established and the Outsiders’ (Norbert Elias & John Scotson, 1965) and ‘The Exclusive Society’ (Jock Young 1999) have pointed to mechanisms that help understand why studying ‘the other’ is key to criminology, as well as to other social sciences. ‘The other’ changes over time, he or she has qualities that relate to history and structure. How do we find out and learn about ‘the other’? Is ‘the other’ remote or close, alien or in every one of us? Why a ‘selfie’?

Keynote speakers
  • Jack Katz (UCLA, USA), author of ´Seductions of Crime´ (1988), the monumental book at the root of Cultural Criminology. He has written books and articles on methodology for qualitative sociologists. His current crime-related research is into episodes of anarchy and into intimate massacres (some of which ‘school shootings’).
  • Jeff Ferrell (Texas Christian University, USA/University of Kent, UK) is one of the leading names in Cultural Criminology ...
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