Event Information: 2nd Symposium - How to finance the EU energy transition towards a low-carbon economy?

von Dr. Peter Nagel

The energy transition requires major investment in many areas, including infrastructure for energy production, transportation and distribution, as well as innovation, energy efficiency, security of supply, and environmental protection. In addition to the consequences of the economic crisis, an increasing number of factors both within and beyond the EU affect investment in the EU gas and electricity sectors.

In light of the ongoing revision of EU regulations and instruments, which will inevitably impact investment decisions in the energy sector, particularly the revision of the EU environmental and energy state aid guidelines, the reform of the EU ETS, the proposal on the 2030 framework for energy and climate policies, the Communication on the Long-Term Financing of the European Economy, the implementation of the list of "projects of common interest" (PCI), and the related EU funding from the Connecting Europe Facility, it is timely to call for further debate on the main factors ...

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