Fünf Fragen zur Europawahl und zum “Spitzenkandidaten”-Prozess: Antworten von PASQUALE PASQUINO

For the upcoming European elections, most European parties have nominated candidates for President of the EU Commission. In the Brussels jargon, this issue is called the „Spitzenkandidat process“. How German is this idea? Does is actually make sense in other parliamentary systems or constitutional traditions?

The idea is not particularly German. In UK and in Italy too the elections de facto and in principle designate the head of the executive. The problem is that the EU Commission is not the executive of the EU and that the institutional architecture of the EU is not the same as those of the member states, and also not yet very clear.

If the „Spitzenkandidat process“ succeeds and the next Commission President will in fact be the top candidate of the party with the largest share of the vote – will he/she then possess proper democratic legitimacy of his/her own right? And if so, how would that affect the power balance in the EU with respect to member state governments?

Yes he/she will have an electoral (democratic) legitimacy. As to the second part of your question, my answer is auf deutsch: das wissen die Götter ...

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