Joint Venture Partners and the Company You Keep Under the FCPA

As the father of a teenage daughter I am sometimes, reluctantly, forced to admit that upon rare occasions my parents were right about a few things. One was asking for permission first rather than asking for forgiveness after the fact, or in my case as a teenager the untoward event. Another was my mother’s admonition that you are judged by the company you keep. I thought about that truism when I read an article in the Financial Times (FT) yesterday, entitled “Steinmetz unit won Guinea mining riches corruptly, inquiry says”, by reporter Tom Burgis.

The article relates the long running story of the BSG Resources’ (BSGR) winning of the multi-billion mining concession for the Simandou iron-ore mine in the country of Guinea, which was awarded to the company at the end of the reign of the country’s former dictator Lansana Conté, before he died in 2008. According to a report prepared by the current government of Guinea, BSGR won the contract by paying bribes to his fourth wife Mamadie Touré in the form of cash and shares “to help ensure those rights were stripped from Anglo-Australian miner Rio-Tinto and granted to BSGR.”

Of course there is also the tale of BSGR employee/agent/representative/other Frederic Cilins who contacted Ms. Touré in the US and offered to pay her some $5MM to retrieve the contracts which detailed the payments she was to receive from BSGR. It turned out that there was a Grand Jury investigation going on over BSGR at the time and by now Ms. Touré was a cooperating witness with the Department of Justice (DOJ). Cilins was arrested, charged with and pled guilty to obstruction of justice.

BSGR has denied all of these allegations and says that it received the rights to the mining concession fair and square ...

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