Football Agents or Intermediaries

Brazilian media recently announced that FIFA will deregulate football agents activity in 2015. Information allegedly leaked from confidential documentation. However, the novelty is not unexpected. The low significance of licensed players’ agents in everyday football can be illustrated in numbers. With 246 individuals, Brazil counts one of the highest number of licensed players’ agents of all associations. However, for a country with tens of thousands of professional players all over the world, the amount is marginal. That CBF has no longer offered Players' Agents Regulation-Examinations since 2010, may be seen as another sign for the low usage of such license. In fact, the activity and regulation of the (often mistakenly called)[1] “FIFA Players’ Agent” have been discussed by different working groups for many years already. In January 2012 finally, a newly composed FIFA Committee for Club Football dealt with the draft regulations and concluded that the direction taken by the working groups should be further pursued.[2] At the beginning of 2013, a Sub-Committee for Club Football was set up, to deal exclusively with the issue of reforming the Players’ Agents Regulations. The Sub-Committee discussed different options, until agreeing on the following three main findings: (1) the current licensing system should be abandoned; (2) a set of minimum standards and requirements must be established in FIFA’s future regulatory framework; (3) a registration system for intermediaries must be set up. The FIFA Congress 2013 approved that a working group shall define the above three points, so that a final draft of the regulations on working with intermediaries could be submitted to the FIFA Executive Committee. It will be the 64th FIFA Congress held on 10 and 11 June 2014 in São Paulo which, based on the approach of the Sub-Committee for Club Football, will decide on an eventual amendment to the FIFA Statutes ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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