Legal repercussions of anglicisms: Mopsgate

Last week the suffix -gate was chosen as the German Anglicism of the Year 2013. Unusually, this award recognizes the positive contribution of anglicisms to the German language. -gate has been around a long time, even in German, but was particularly common last year. I seem to have missed Mopsgate (puggate). And this despite the fact that I recently saw two women and six pugs on the corner. This was explained when I traced a pug breeder to a nearby road. Trevor kindly found a collection of German pug quotations for me. The story is the disappearance of a 6-kilo gold-painted stone figure of a pug from a monument to Loriot, the stage name of Vicco von Bülow, who famously said that life without a pug is possible, but meaningless ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

  • Kommunen: „Mopsgate“ in Stuttgart - Aus aller Welt - 13 Leser - Irgendwie erinnert diese Geschichte an den spektakulären Diebstahl des goldenen Kekses am Stammsitz des Gebäckherstellers Bahlsen in Hannover. Über Wochen war das Firmensymbol verschwunden. Medienrummel inklusive.

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